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The Importance of
Male Grooming

Grooming: Its not just for dogs or salons…
Grooming is an important process in everyone’s day. In order to look and feel your best a proper grooming regime is vital. Everything you do to get ready whether for work or going out is grooming. We at Black Sheep Products believe that this whole experience should be as satisfying, as healthy and as nourishing as is possible. We make our soaps, scrubs, balms, oils and candles to the highest standards.

We feel that a grooming regime can be broken down into a few parts. Cleaning, nourishing, and finishing.

Cleaning- Cleaning should be self explanatory. Get in the shower clean of the stink and dirt. Black Sheep Products makes a wide variety of all natural soaps to get clean with. All of which are distinctly scented with custom proprietary essential oil blends. Currently we offer 12 different scents. We guarantee you will find soaps here that will make you shower more enjoyable and increase your confidence by using a superior product. We also offer shaving products such as soaps, razors, brushes pre shave oils and aftershaves which we can be part of your cleaning process.

Nourishing- nourishing is all about feeding your skin or hair. Healthy skin and hair helps convey the idea of success and of being at the peak of who you are. Within a normal grooming regime at this stage you should nourish your skin, both body and particularly your face. We recommend a sugar scrub. This will exfoliate dead and dry skin off without drying and nourish the skin underneath with amazing oils to ensure supple and soft presentation. Just as important is to nourish your hair, all of it; beard, mustache, faux-hawk, top knot or buzz cut. Hair requires two things to be healthy, moisture and proteins. Oils will add varying amounts and kinds of proteins to hair. As well as some will trap moisture in hair and others will draw moisture into it. a few will even seal off the hair keeping it from drying further(but not letting in new moisture) it is important to have a great blend of oils to ensure you get a balanced product that will not only help you look your best but ensure healthy manageable hair. To these ends Black Sheep Products offers hair and beard oils as well as beard butter for a little more hold as well as mustache waxes for a stronger hold.

Finishing- finishing is making sure you have your distinct look set. In this stage we recommend styling your hair and beard as well as making sure you smell your best. To style hair and beard is very easy. Your beard with beard butter or oil in it should be manageable and with good shine. Due to its health with a minimum amount of hands or using a beard brush or comb you can achieve a distinguished groomed look.

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