Our Team

Wes Cannon

Wes Cannon

Owner and product development

JD Samples

JD Samples

Vice president and co-founder


Brittany Elyse

Festival Coordinator

Matt Dunlap

Matt Dunlap

Sales and Distribution

Cruz Newman

Cruz Newman

Graphic design and marketing

    Product facts

  • Quality Ingredients

    If it touches your body it is 100% natural. We source the best from many different suppliers, manufacturers and producers in order to make the best. We also put great effort and emphasis into being as locally sourced as is possible.

  • Handmade

    All products and formulated and made by Black Sheep Products. We do not re-brand or re-package any products.

  • Cruelty Free

    Only tested on humans!

  • FAQ's

  • Are there nuts or nut oils in your products?

    Our beard oils, butters, mustache waxes, hand salves, and soaps all contain nut oils. All of our products are manufactured in a location that processes nut oils.

  • Do you make everything?

    Every product used on you is made by Black Sheep Products. Nothing is repackaged or made by a third party (the exception is shaving sets and mugs)

  • What process do you use for making soap?

    Black Sheep Products uses 100% cold process soap making

  • Are your products organic?

    Most of our products are made using some organic ingredients. We make an effort to as much organic and/or sustainably sourced materials as possible. Unfortunately, many of our materials are prohibitively expensive to buy organic.As much as we would like to be 100% organic we didn’t think there would be much market for $15 soap or $50 face scrubs. We will continue, however, to move in this direction as much as possible as time moves on and we are able to incorporate that into our products.

  • Do you use essential oils?

    All of our products besides candles use essential oils. The candles are our only product that contains fragrance oils, and even in that case they are blends of essential oils and fragrance oils.

  • How do you make your scents?

    First we source the highest quality essential oils (EOs) and fragrance oils (FOs)we can find. We then custom blend our scents, either EOs or FOs or a combination, to make sure we have a truly unique and compelling product. Each of our products goes through numerous tests to ensure we have an optimum balance of scent and enjoyability.

    Blacksheep products - A bit of history.

    Black sheep has been in business since 2014 making soaps, grooming products and candles. Wes Cannon and JD Samples started the company because they saw a need in the market for a better variety of men’s grooming products and candles. They spent a lot of time perfecting the methods and scientific processes behind what they do so that they could make and understand a superior product. While Black Sheep Products is primarily focused on marketing towards men with its grooming products and scent line up, it is by no means only for men. Many people enjoy our scents and products, either because they are superior to what they have found on the market or because they offer a unique scent.

    Wes cannon has been making soap for almost a decade now. “I got into this because I really liked natural soap, I just didn’t love the standard scents you could find and I figured I could also make them cheaper. Well… turns out you can’t make them a lot cheaper, but I sure enjoy the scents I come up with”. As demand grew for his soaps he started to realize there might be a business in what he was doing just for fun.

    JD Samples, an accountant by trade, got involved because it sounded fun and he had always enjoyed similar products but was also looking for something a little more distinct than what was available on the market currently. Through working on a CSA farm JD developed his interest in local and sustainable business. As he moved to Pittsburgh he was looking for a way to get involved, and Black Sheep Products was a perfect fit.

    “What we have found over the last few years is that people love a genuine product. We don’t promise anything that isn’t there. People keep coming back to us because our products work. The more we do, the more we find ourselves engrained into the local economy here. And it’s cool to see the community start to expect you to be places. It’s like they want us here- and we are good with that’’.

    ....... JD.